Active Seating Duo


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  • 📖 1 x WIGGLE SEATS FOR SENSORY KIDS 📖 One side is smooth and the other side is covered with little "bumps" for sensory stimulation. The highly tactile surface helps kids work off excess energy, stay calm, and boost concentration.
  • 💺 1 x BALL CHAIRS FOR KIDS 💺 Right side up for seating, upside down for fun! Perfect for children with special learning needs as it provides an enjoyable alternative seating option and outlet for their excess energy.
  • 🙂 2 x CHAIR BANDS FOR KIDS WITH FIDGETY FEET 🙂 For those with restless legs, anxiety or just plain nervous energy, having an outlet promotes a sense of calm and enhances the ability to focus.
  • 🏫 SUPPORT INCLUSIVE CLASSROOM FUND 🏫 Portion of your purchase go to support's Inclusive Classroom Fund. This allows every students to have equal access to the tools that help them to succeed.
  • ğŸŽ GREAT GIFTS FOR TEACHER ğŸŽ Our Flexible Seating Classroom Furniture make an ideal present for teacher appreciation day, back to school, teacher's day, and any other occasions.
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