Sensory Adventure Club 5 Day Challenge

Sensory Adventure Club

5 Day Challenge

Fun Activities For Your Kids and WIN FREE Products!

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Get ready for the 5 day Sensory Adventure Challenge

Are you up for a challenge? Sensory Adventure Club is offering 5 days of challenges for you and your kids to complete right at home! These 5 challenges lay the groundwork for you to develop activities, games, and exercises to help with regulation, motor skills, and attention. But first you have to take the challenge! Join the interactive videos then send in pictures or videos of your own completing the activities or coming up with your own to win discounts and prizes!

Ball Beats: Coordination

Studies show that doing coordinating activities is excellent for not only motor skills but for cognition all around. Developing our limbs and eyes to coordinate and work together increases our motor skills as well as parts of our brain for concentration, problem solving, and clarity of thought. Here are a few simple coordination exercises you can do with just a ball right at home!

Balance Ball: Balance

Activating the vestibular system is so incredibly important and is the first step to getting the body and brain to a ready state of learning (and doing!). All our senses go through our vestibular system and activating it throughout the day is important for regulation and a foundation of functional motor skills. This fist video shows an awesome way to activate the vestibular system with a Lakikid Balance Ball or a yoga ball. Don’t have one of these? Then use a hippity-hop, a BOSU ball, or something similar that has some bounce!

Breath and Mouth: Breath Control, Mouth Strength

A little known secret to self-regulation, general strengthening, coordination, and motor planning is mouth movement activities. Doing mouth exercises is reaching fundamental movements on a primal level. These involve breathing and breathing is the first key to life. And their fun! Like, so much fun! Try these oral motor challenges and come up with your own that best fit your kiddos and your house. Don’t forget to wash the stuff when you’re done!

Strong Posture: Stability

Having a solid foundation is essential to place the top stone on a pyramid. The core of the tree must be solid to grow strong limbs to grow leaves. The human body is no different. Developing strong posture is the key to sustained attention, still bodies, and fine motor demands. What better way to build posture than becoming a super hero! So grab your cape, boots, and tights and follow these simple, fun ways to increase your posture!

Heavy Work: Strengthening

Proprioception is actively using our muscles! It lets us know where our bodies are by the feel of a force such as gravity or something with weight. It’s an important system for organizing our brains and building motor skills! Here is a great way to promote proprioception and build strong muscles at the same time with a Lakikid resistance band. Don’t have one of these? Then grab an elastic band, a therapy band, a large rubber band, or something with resistance and get to work!

Putting it all together: Motor Planning

Motor planning is the key to doing anything unfamiliar. We must train our brains and our bodies to move in ways we normally don’t to increase our ability to do so many things in life. What is a more fun way to everyday, natural movements than an obstacle course? These are just some examples of some obstacle courses to set up in your own home. Be silly, be creative, have fun, and challenge by choice and watch your child’s motor planning, problem solving, and overall fitness increase with the use of your couch!

Spend a few hours with us, and we promise that you and your kids will have fun & get healthy!

Try different activities like these weekly or better yet, daily to help with regulation, motor skills, and attention. These are excellent activities for all kids and while you’re at it, try them yourself! Because we are all humans with sensory systems, and we all need to move our bodies! So join the challenge and submit your version to receive a prize and have some fun with your kiddo right at home!

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