Sensory Adventure Club Challenge Day 5

Heavy Work: Strengthening

Today's Session Is Presented By Matt Sloan

Matt Sloan, founder of Sensory Fitness, is an occupational therapy assistant, personal trainer, and a special education teacher. He plans to direct his experience to create specialized fitness programs for the Sensory Adventure Club. Matt also brings sensory education and strategies to educators, parents, fitness professionals, and anyone working with kids or adults with sensory difficulties to provide sensory strategies, create sensory friendly environments, and promote the importance of movement in learning and everyday activities.

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We would love to see videos or pictures of you and your kids doing these exercise routine. Upload to your favorite social media, then use the hashtag #sensoryadventureclub and tag @sensoryfitness_llc & @lakikid_sensory_toys for a chance to win FREE products. Winner announces every Sunday!

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Get started to join our specialized fitness program can help decrease stimming behaviors, hyperactivity, and aggression. It provides a great movement break during the day and keeps kids engaged the whole class.

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