Write and Chill
- The World's Only Writable Weighted Lap Pad!


Provides deep pressure thus making it an ideal sensory tool that promotes calming, regulation, and refocus


Comes with water pen and drawing surface, so kids can enjoy painting on it over and over again


Makes the cleaning part so easy for the parents and guardians

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This Is How The Story Began...

At the beginning of 2018, LakiKid and Kulture City became partners in making the US (and soon, the world) a sensory-inclusive place for everyone with special needs. The challenge for Kulture City is ensuring that the tools in their sensory kits are easy to sanitize, and accessible for people with special needs in sporting arenas like the METLife Stadium, Taco Bell Arena, and Vulcan Park and Museum. To solve this problem, we at LakiKid came up with a new and improved weighted lap pad, plus a little bit of fun! Read the Full Story >

"Ryley is thrilled to be able to have fun while getting the sensory input she needs.

The weight in it is not like anything we have ever seen. It is made using tiny glass beads that almost feel like sand. My daughter, Ryley, found the smaller beads a more even, comfortable sensory input experience. She even grabbed her traditional lap pad to compare the differences. She found it so much more comfortable.  

For me the biggest thing was what we experienced this weekend. Saturday we went to a very busy and loud robotics competition for her brother. Our family met us there along with her cousin 7 year old Jeremy. They sat down with the lap pad and we're able to connect and play together while Ryley had the comfort of the weighted lap pad. He even loved taking turns drawing with her.

Then we get to the look of the actual lap pad. The fabric is easy to clean but more than that it is fun and educational as well. It comes with a special pen that you add water to. Once you write or draw on this lap pad with the water pen the lap pad changes color to show your work. It shows a rainbow of colors when wet that we loved. When it dries it turns white again. Ryley loves being able to write and draw with it. I on the other hand love having something to give sensory input but also gives her a creative outlet. She can practice drawing shapes and writing her letters." - Jenn E.

" ...I love the whole concept of this pad. It address my son's sensory needs. It gives me piece of mind that the pen only contains water. As a mom of an autistic child that puts everything in his mouth. I dont need to worry about harmful chemicals being digested. I don't need to worry about pen markings on the furniture, walls, cloths, and skin..." - Melinda W.

"...My kids love it. My daughter is obsessed with coloring every square to see the pattern lol." - Angela K.

Join our Kickstarter VIP Reward List and get LakiKid Write and Chill Weighted Lap Pad for up to 55% off!

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