Autism Parent Support Groups - My Group, My Tribe

Posted by Jenn Eggert

Autism Parent Support Groups - My Group, My Tribe

My Group, My Tribe

Have you ever felt alone and with nowhere to turn and no one who gets it?

I have and so has LakiKid founder, Jason. This feeling was what inspired us to create the group Ask An Autism Parent. We are actually so close to our one year anniversary. We started this group as a place where you can come for support and advice.

We have an open, loving environment where negativity and shaming other parents is not allowed. I want it to be a place of uplifting parents and giving them the support that they need.

In group, we discuss common issues faced by autism parents.

Other parents jump in to offer support, advice, or their personal experience. These parents have banded together to offer whatever support is needed. We deal with anything from potty training advice, help with school related issues, how to explain death and so much more. We have a few military families that are going through deployment. We are making sure the mom's and kids are getting as much support as needed.

I have watched our small new group grow so much I am amazed. In this, I have also seen parents step up into the role of supporter and friend. This group has even created some amazing personal friendships. I have seen mom's jump when a parent is upset and spend as long as it takes to help them calm down.

But again we are so much more. We have a post where we post and celebrate each and every birthday posted, every accomplishment posted, big or small is celebrated. Every bit of sad news is mourned and supported. First words are celebrated as well.

So this group is so much more than a group. It's a support system. A safe place to vent.

Somewhere where you are not judged, not thought of as less when you cry. We take you as you are and accept your children for who they are.

I often talk about my tribe. The people who hold me up when I am down, who celebrate with me, and who are there no matter what. This group has become a tribe. A closely knit group where we love and support each other. Where when bad new comes multiple people rush to love and support them. This group is my tribe, my safe place to fall, as it is for all of our members.

So if you are not apart of Ask An Autism Parents Support Group, but want a safe place please join us. We will love and support you.

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Hi this sounds like something id like to send my daughters dad to. Plz contact me 5624496455

— Norma moreno,

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