As a special needs parent, have you ever felt alone and with nowhere to turn and no one who gets it? We have been there. There was why we created free parent support group, connect with thousands of other parents who get it! Learn More

Autism Parent Support Group Benefits

Open & Loving Environment

We create a place of uplifting autism parents and giving them the support that they need.

Group Events

We host "Ask An Autism Mom" Live Show/Q&A session every Thursday @4PM PST/7PM EST Learn More

Autism Resources

We organize the most commonly asked questions related to autism parenting into learning units.

Birthdays & Celebrations

We celebrate everyone's birthdays, every accomplishments & even their first word.

Personal Friendships

Our members step up into the role of supporter and lifelong friends

Safe Place To Vent

Every bit of sad news is mourned and supported. When bad news comes, multiple members often rush to love and support them.

10 Group Rules and Expectations