Building a local Special Needs Community from scratch: High-Five Society Case Study

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Building a local Special Needs Community from scratch: High-Five Society Case Study

In small towns with limited resources, families with special needs often face unique challenges.


However, the power of community and the willingness to lend a helping hand can make a significant difference in their lives.

This blog post explores the inspiring story of Ashley Spivey, the founder of High-Five Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting children with special needs and their families.

From the motivation behind its inception to the impactful events it organizes, High-Five Society serves as a beacon of hope for families in need.


Reconnecting and Recognizing the Need:

A chance conversation with a friend from church brought to light the lack of resources for families with special needs in Ashley's small town. This realization ignited a desire within her to make a positive change. Recognizing the challenges faced by families in similar situations, Ashley embarked on a journey to create a local tribe of support and encouragement.

The Birth of High-Five Society:

High-Five Society was born out of Ashley's personal experiences as a mother of two children with autism and ADHD.

Witnessing her children's struggles to make friends and facing societal prejudice, Ashley felt compelled to create a safe and inclusive community for special needs kids and their families. Armed with her Bachelor's degrees in Health and Human Services and Healthcare Administration, Ashley set out to establish a support system that would empower children to enhance their social skills, forge new friendships, and build lasting relationships.

Ashley's initial efforts were met with challenges, but her determination led to the formation of an incredible team of individuals who shared her vision. Collaborating with like-minded individuals, such as Maggie Smith, Jenny Mom Delimeter, and Sandy Work, Ashley assembled a dedicated board of directors for High-Five Society. Each team member brought their unique strengths and experiences to the table, fostering a supportive environment that nurtured the organization's growth.

Creating Fun-Filled Events:

The heart of High-Five Society lies in the events it organizes for children with special needs. The organization strives to make these gatherings enjoyable and engaging, providing opportunities for children to connect with their peers. From trips to amusement parks and soda shops to paint parties and pool days, every event is carefully designed to cater to the interests of the children involved. By ensuring that each child feels included and valued, High-Five Society fosters an environment where lasting friendships can blossom.

  Supporting Parents and Guardians:


High-Five Society understands that the well-being of parents and guardians is just as crucial as that of the children. The organization recognizes the challenges faced by parents and seeks to alleviate their burdens whenever possible. During events, volunteers step in to take care of the children, allowing parents a brief respite to relax, socialize, or simply recharge. Additionally, High-Five Society envisions hosting parent nights out in the future, providing longer breaks for parents who may not have access to respite services in their community.

  Spreading the Vision:


While currently operating within Ashley's town, High-Five Society aspires to extend its reach beyond geographical boundaries. Ashley's ultimate goal is to advocate for children and adults with special needs on a global scale. By sharing their journey and experiences, High-Five Society hopes to inspire individuals in other communities to establish their own support systems, fostering inclusion, empathy, and understanding.



The story of High-Five Society is a testament to the power of one person's determination to make a positive change in their community. Ashley Spivey's personal experiences and unwavering commitment have led to the creation of a remarkable organization that provides vital support to families with special needs. Through engaging events and a focus on building connections, High-Five Society continues to strengthen the bonds within its local tribe.


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