5 Tips to Help Your Child Focus

5 Tips to Help Your Child Focus

Does your child struggle to focus?
We are going to give you 5 easy tips to help your child focus better and with less stress.

Moving the body motivates the brain
So have them do a physical activity before you get them to do a task that requires them to focus. We love getting out the wiggles before we read a book, or running outside before doing math. Anything that will get the blood flowing will help increase focus. Ryley's all time favorite is dancing to music before doing a hard task.

Turn off all electronics
before you get them to focus so that they do not distract your child. Electronics are a constant in many of our kids lives but they actually mess with focus. They give too much for the child at once so they cannot focus on one set thing. Taking away the electronics and doing physical activity before focusing will make doing their work so much easier. I find Ryley needs to have her electronics given to her after her homework which works as a reward and let her focus first.

Make a list of tasks to be done
Having a list of chores, homework or tasks needed gives them something concrete to focus on. Then let them cross off the tasks as they are completed. This use of a visual schedule makes life easier for everyone as you know exactly what to expect. We really love using a visual chore chart she can mark off when she is done.

Use signals
To help them concentrate use signals, as verbal language can be very distracting to your child. Make up signals for key things like potty break, drink, need help, focus, and whatever else you may find helpful. Ryleys teacher uses these as to keep the class quiet during work time and helping those who need help or reminders.

Take breaks
Give them the chance to take quick breaks to move around and relax which will help them to focus better. Brain breaks are an amazing concept Ryley's teacher uses. She uses her smart board to play a quick video that incorporates music and movement. She does them when she notices the class becoming restless.

Our success with sensory tools...

Other ways to help your child focus is to try flexible seating and other sensory tools. For flexible seating, we use ball chair, wiggle seat, fidget band and different sensory tools such as weighted lap pad or fidget marble maze. All of these tools can help your child improve their focus and concentration.

Ryley, diagnosed of autism at the age of 4, for one loves to sit on her ball chair while we read her book each night for homework. Being able to move around while reading helps her to focus so one book does not take an hour to get through.

We use a fidget band on her chair to get through dinner as she is a slow eater. The wiggle seat she will put on the floor and lay on, on her tummy while doing puzzles or playing games. It helps increase focus and build core muscles.

Remember not every tool can help every child. In Ryley's case, she likes to have a variety of tools so she can choose what works best for her at that moment.  

At LakiKid, we are dedicated to provide family with quality therapeutic products for kids with special needs. Our products are proven to help children with concentration and focus.

LakiKid flexible seating collection is an excellent option for kids with autism, ADHD or other sensory issues.  

Flexible seating allows the child to have some control and movement during times they need to focus. Think about it. Most bodies have a constant need to move. So by harnessing that need using flexible seating, we allow them to be more productive and less disruptive.

It's definitely one that will help your child to be more focused and productive. Ready to give it a try?



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Our founder, Jason Hsieh, is a proud father of three wonderful kids. His older son (currently 7 years old) was diagnosed with Autism and ADHD at the age 2.

In 2016, he started his eCommerce business selling various toys as a way to make additional income to pay for the therapies needed for his son. As he struggles to find quality products to help his son's special need, he decided to create his own brand instead. This was exactly how LakiKid was born.

"I feel bless that we have the opportunity to create this community where we can help other family just like ours who is also affected by Autism."


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