LakiKid fidget chair band is specially designed to help students focus by allowing them to get the movement they need while staying seated. They help reduce anxiety and nervousness and help students focus on their work.

  • - Reduce Anxiety And Promote A Sense Of Calm
  • - Great ADHD Tools For Kids
  • - Minimal Noise That Doesn't Distract
  • - Installs In Seconds
  • - Durable And Long Lasting

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"These are some of the best I’ve used. They are very sturdy and strong. My students really give them a workout stretching them as far as they can. They have a great tension and bounce to them!"


January 10, 2018


"I am a special education teacher and use these in classroom with elementary students will all disabilities. They have held up very well and have helped my students stay on task. They are not loud if you are wondering."


December 14, 2017


"The LakiKid Foot Fidget Bouncy Chair Bands are perfect for just about any chair that has "stick" feet without a low crossbar. I put one on my son's desk chair here at home and he loves it! I am going to send the rest of these in to school to his teachers to have them use them on a few of their chairs.

The LakiKid Foot Fidget Bouncy Chair Bands are really pretty basic... just an elastic band/loop. It is the right size for most chairs and it is thick so it should hold up well.

Overall this is a good value at this price."


October 1, 2017