KultureCity Partnership & Giveaway

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KultureCity Partnership & Giveaway

KultureCity Partnership

We are proud to announce a brand new partnership! LakiKid will be teaming up with KultureCity in our continuous bid to make the world a better place for children, and adults alike, who suffer from autism spectrum disorder.

KultureCity is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to building acceptance and inclusion for all people with autism. The origin story of the organization is similar to that of LakiKid, in that the inspiration came from the founder’s personal experience raising a son with autism. 

As a company that strives to help others in similar situations as our own, it’s KultureCity’s story, as well as the initiatives they are involved in, that has us so thrilled about this new partnership.  As a result, we will be donating 1 percent of our sales to the organization.


In fact, the staff members at KultureCity are volunteers, drawn to the organization through their own personal experiences and drive to make communities more accepting of and accessible to everyone suffering from autism. It’s because of this that we feel nothing but excitement as we move forward with this new partnership. 

Not only that, but we believe you’ll be excited by this partnership as well. Just wait until you see some of the programs KultureCity is involved with, programs you can become involved with as well. Here are some of the ways KultureCity is involved with building a brighter for future for people with autism.


LifeBOKS is a free kit provided to families with autistic children. The kit is aimed at reducing wandering and wandering related accidents. It comes with a variety of items, including:

  • Bluetooth buddy tag tracking bracelet
  • Smart kids ID shoe tag
  • Window/door alarms
  • Safetytat




Children with intellectual disabilities in Uganda are often abused and kept separated from the rest of the community. Embrace:Kulture is an initiative aimed at bringing change to such communities through promoting collaboration with local partners.


Studies show that children with autism spectrum disorder often show significant and rapid gains in communication development when they have access to technology such as a tablet. With this knowledge in mind, KultureCity seeks out tablet donations to gift to children with autism.


Sensory Initiative

Sensory Initiative is a program designed to aid communities with becoming sensory inclusive. This is achieved through minor, yet impactful, alterations to businesses in the community, coupled with staff education. These minor changes to public areas within a community can make a world of difference to someone with autism spectrum disorder, especially a child.

On top of these programs, KultureCity has begun partnering with sports arenas around the country to make sporting events sensory inclusive. There are two main ways they are accomplishing the goal of making sporting events sensory inclusive: free sensory kits and the addition of sensory rooms. The sensory kits include items such as fidget toys, weighted pads and sound-reduction headphones, while the sensory rooms offer more comfortable furniture, calming colors and no way of watching the game.


Our partnership with KultureCity is the next step in growing and truly achieving our mission, to help ease the lives of individuals and families living with autism spectrum disorder.

Remember, every kid brings good luck!




Would love to win this for my 4 year old. We were just diagnosed this year and this would be a blessing to win

— Laura wolfe,

My son is adhd and has seizures. So this would help me out alot

— Casey okeeffe,

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