Top 15 Gift Ideas for Children with Autism

Posted by Annie Hsieh

Top 15 Gift Ideas for Children with Autism

The holiday season is here and sometimes it's tricky to get gifts for children with autism. We put together the top 15 gift ideas that are both fun and functional:

Chewing Necklace

Chewing necklace is made of durable silicone. Children will enjoy this fashionable necklace that also satisfy their oral sensory needs.

Fidget Marble Maze

Fidget Marble Maze is a portable, occupational therapy tool that children love to use. It's fun and helps build fine motor skills. Fidget Marble Maze provides a sense of accomplishment allowing for confidence as a warm-up before the higher skilled task in school settings.

Teeter Popper

Teeter Popper allows children to develop balance and motor skills while having loads of fun. Whether they sit in it, rock it or stand, it's perfect for children seeking movement.

Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand is a great education toy to develop fine motor skills. You can squeeze it, smash it, poke it, scalp it and more. It stimulates children’s creativity and it’s super easy to clean up. It sticks only to itself and not to you.


Squigz are fun little suction toys. It can be connected to each other into various shapes and stick to almost any smooth, flat surfaces, such as bathtub, walls, windows and school lockers. Squigz encourages creativity, fine motor skills, interaction and playful experimentation. 

Weighted Lap Pad

Weighted lap pad provides deep touch pressure to reduce anxiety and increase seating time. It can also be used as a warming/cooling pad when warmed in the dryer or cooled in the freezer.


Hedbanz is a silly fun game with a simple concept.  Ask “yes” or “no” questions to figure out the cartoon on your head. It's also an awesome teaching tool for social skills and theory of mind.

Ruff's Tactile Set

Ruff's Tactile Set is a fun gift for younger children. It's great for stimulating the sense of touch, and reinforcing colors, matching, and fine motor skills. It provides children with the opportunity for hands-on learning in a way that enhances cognitive, language, and physical skills.

Indoor Trampoline

Indoor trampoline with handlebar is perfect for children to burn off energy at their own pace. It also improves coordination, develops muscle strength and promotes stable posture.


Lego is a great toy allows for open-ended creativity and imagination. It improves fine motor skills, builds self-esteem and develops social skills. 

Weighted Travel Neck Pillow

This puppy-designed pillow is a cozy neck support and adorable cuddle buddy for children during travel time. It's the perfect companion for the long plane, train and car ride with extra sensory input. Sensory sensitive kids will love the velvety soft puppy against their neck. 


Tobbles is made of 6 colorful uniquely weighted pieces to inspires sensory exploration. Children can stack it, spin it, balance it and more. It strengthens fine motor skills, coordination, visual-spatial skills.

Wiggle Seats

Wiggle seats help children stay calm and focused while sitting. Inflation level is adjustable with included pump

Sensory Swing

Sensory swing gives children a sense of protection and blocks out unnecessary sensory input. It  strengthens the vestibular and proprioceptive systems by teaching your child’s brain and body to work together


Children with autism tend to be good at puzzles. It helps to develop tactile and problem-solving skills This United States map puzzle can also teach children to get to know each state.


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