Using Visual Schedules

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Using Visual Schedules

Using Visual Schedules

Do you need to live your life on a tight routine?

Visual schedules are amazing for our kids who crave strict routine and could use a visual reminder. They are also amazing for teaching a new routine or skill. It's an easy way to show routines and expectations.

A visual schedule is a picture representation of what is expected of their routine.

These visual schedules can be as simple or complex as the child needs and can be about almost anything. They are a wonderful way to help in areas where children struggle or to teach them a new routine. They are also a wonderful way of showing that there will be a change in routine.  

These visual schedules can be so simple to make and use, and can be brought anywhere. I see a lot of teachers especially with younger children use these to show how their day will go. It may start with go to classroom, hang up coat, find seat, math, story time, brain break, and so on.  

Many are made so that each task can be removed or moved. So each day can be set as needed for that day.

I personally love how you can make one listing chores and use a simple clothes pin labeled with each task and move it from need to do, to done. So I can list today's chores including homework and Ryley knows exactly what to expect. Once she finishes a task she moves it to the done side.

Another great thing about a visual schedule is that our children do not have to be verbal or know how to read in order to use them.

You can choose to use words or simple pictures or a mixture of both, depending on the child. And you are able to add as many or as few steps as your child needs.  

So if your child struggles with routine, schedules or time management, a visual schedule may be the way to go. It simplifies life for both you and the child.  It's also is great for reducing stress, anxiety or the dreaded repeated questions about what time something is or what is coming next.

If you have any questions regarding visual schedules, visit and leave us a comment with your question and we will try to answer them in one of the upcoming ‘Ask an Autism Mom’ Facebook Live show.

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