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Q: What is an inclusive classroom?

An inclusive classroom addresses inequity in the classroom on the basis of race, ethnicity, family background, sexual and gender identity, ability, or any personal or social circumstances. Every student learns in their own way and at their own pace. And, we know teachers and principals are uniquely positioned to identify and address each student's individual needs.

Q: Why is helping teachers important for LakiKid?

Lakikid strives to help integrate special needs children into the community and educate others on how to address special circumstances such as anxiety, sensory overload and attention issues. Teachers work hard to help these students succeed, but they need extra materials that cater to their students' unique learning needs. That’s why LakiKid is partnering with to give classrooms the support they need. Learn More >

Q: What is flexible seating? 

Flexible seating is a sitting arrangement in which children can sit in different ways depending on their postural development and sensory need of the moment. This approach is based on scientific studies and the feedbacks from many teachers. It aims to make the class welcoming and accessible for all by taking into account the specific needs of each learner. Learn More >

Q: Who is eligible to receive the grant?

Teachers of grades Pre-K thru 12 who are currently employed as a licensed teacher or school administrator in an accredited school in the United States, or in a preschool program that is based in an accredited PreK thru-12 school in the United States are eligible to enter.

Q: How are the winner selected?

Ten winners will be selected by the team of LakiKid and at the end of the giveaway based on the response in the questionnaire. Winners will be notified via email and social media within 48 hours.