Support For The Forgotten Parents

Posted by Jenn Eggert

Support For The Forgotten Parents

Support For The Forgotten Parents

Are you one of the forgotten parents of children with autism? You know who you are.

You'd probably too familiar with the forgotten feeling of everything it takes. Considering taking care of children with low-functioning autism, you either walk on eggshells to avoid a severe meltdown, or your child is ignored or excluded at social events.

We've seen how Lakikid family supports in the struggles of daily life. We have seen several families struggle with putting children in a hospital or residential program. We have seen them fight the schools for the needs of their children. We see all the paperwork piled on tables waiting for them, alone sometimes, crying into their pillows.

But we see so much more. We see the joy you feel when you get an unprompted hug or hear mom for the first time. We see the hope in your eyes when potty training finally seems to be working. We see your strength, wisdom, patience, love, and determination.

We know each day is a new battle, where anything can and will happen.

Where naked kids run into their room, where stimming is an all-day thing, where they seem to be isolated in their private world. We often find ourselves trying to see what our children see and their whole world is just for them. But if we keep trying, maybe they will let you in. When they stim, join them and twirl or rub their hands over something over and over. Find them therapies that work and help them no matter how unconventional it may seem.

Find help and support for yourself as well. You need and deserve it.

Remember we cannot pour from an empty cup and being the parent or caregiver of someone who has autism, that cup empties even faster. So you need to take care of yourself. Look into respite care for a break. There could be all sorts of programs ranging from adult clay programs or associated/supported jobs. Join parent support groups both online and in your area. Go to autism-friendly events if and when you can. Even if it is only 5 minutes or a trip to the grocery store enjoy those moments and soak in the break.

So remember we are here for you. We hear and see you. You can join our parent support group. We promise it is a place to support and love, and you are always welcome. We have other parents who understand and are here for you. We hope to see you soon. Also check out our online store for items that may help your child.



is a 35-year-old mother of two. Jenn's daughter, Ryley was disagonsed with autism at the age of 4. Jenn is also the host of our weekly Facebook Live show, Ask an Autism Mom.

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Thank you for having an amazing support group were you can be 100% transparent.

— Melinda w,

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