What is Autism

Posted by Jenn Eggert

What is Autism

What is Autism?

Have you ever wondered exactly what is Autism?

For so many of us it’s a word we have heard but do not understand until it happens to someone you know or love. I want to start by saying for everyone autism can be very different which is why it is referred to as a spectrum. It varies greatly from person to person. Even identical twins can both have autism and be exact opposites.


Autism is a neurological disorder that impacts many aspects of the person's life. Most people believe that is is a social interaction issue but it is so very much more. It has the potential to affect all aspects of a person’s life.


Let’s start with developmental side, Some like my daughter Ryley develop on track and then suddenly stop. She stopped talking only screamed, stopped meeting developmental milestones. For Ryley she also stopped eating and lost a lot of weight. Some people with autism have severe developmental delays meaning they are behind in meeting milestones and struggle in an educational setting. For these children early intervention and special education is key. I will get into these more in an upcoming blog. For some with autism the signs and symptoms are much more mild and they can actually excel at certain subjects. This is why is is referred to as a spectrum.


Autism affects approximately 1 child in 49

Autism affects approximately 1 child in 49 with boys being diagnosed more than girls. There is no cure for autism but there are many types of therapy that can help. I want to make it clear that if you learn your child has autism and they are little early intervention is huge. I honestly feel that’s what really helped Ryley.


Many also have other issues like OCF or Sensory Processing Disorder or ADHD or ADD( again a blog on these will be coming soon).

If diagnosis is a new for you take a deep breath, focus on what your child’s needs and seek early intervention or therapy to help them. For me finding a safe space to vent and ask questions is key. That was why Lakikid made its own Facebook Group. We want you to know you are not alone and we welcome you into our Autism Family. We understand and will listen and help guide you. Diagnosis is not the end of the world it is just a new way of seeing the world. It may be scary at first but Lakikid will always be there for you and your family.


Have you ever heard of Temple Grandin?


Have you ever read a Temple Grandin book or watched the movie on the story of her life? For many autism parents, she is a huge inspiration. For me, she is an inspiration to everyone with autism especially girls. Check out this blog.



is a 35-year-old mother of two. Jenn's daughter, Ryley was disagonsed with autism at the age of 4. Jenn is also the host of our weekly Facebook Live show, Ask an Autism Mom.

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